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Are you looking for an experienced and cost-friendly heating and air conditioning company to provide HVAC services for your Midland home or business? Our team of professional technicians are ready to take care of emergency issues, maintenance and installation of heating and cooling units for you. What sets up apart from other HVAC companies is our 18 plus years of experience serving the area. As a family-owned business, we are driven to give back to the community by offering five-star repairs and installations that we’re proud of.

If you are a business owner, then we know the comfort of your employees and clients is important to you. When a business is too warm or cold nobody’s happy, and it can be hard to keep your staff’s productivity up. The solution is simple, just call our friendly staff and schedule an appointment. We’ll send a technician out to troubleshoot and fix the malfunctions, so your office can provide a temperate environment for everyone.

When cold weather is on the way, it’s time for an HVAC check-up. If your heating system hasn’t been maintained all summer, then you should contact us. We will check and change your filters, inspect all of the electrical connections for safety, ensure your thermostat is working properly and perform any other maintenance needed. Our HVAC technicians will verify that the heat works well in each room of your home, and can also give you tips on energy efficiency.

We work on furnaces too, whether their old or new. If you’re having problems like water leaking from your furnace, or it’s cycling on and off several times a day or more, then your heating system needs maintenance. Keep in mind the average lifespan of a furnace is usually not longer than 20 years. If your furnace is older it may be time for a replacement.

We can help you with everything from new furnace installation to AC repair or installation, so you can enjoy the winter season in a warm house or get through the brutal Texas summer in cool comfort. We are happy to go over options with you that will work with your budget. Contact us to schedule an appointment before the next season’s heat or cold sets in.

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