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Absolute Refrigeration Leads The Lubbock Region In Furnace Repair

At Absolute Refrigeration, we have been serving the communities of Lubbock and the Northwest Texas region for the past 18 years. We are a family owned and operated company and take great pride in providing superior customer service in the areas of air conditioning and heating installations and repairs.

Our commitment to excellence along with our desire to see our customers receive the perfect furnace for their individual needs has led us to our status as the HVAC contractor that our community trusts.

Find Out About The Absolute Refrigeration Difference

Over our 18 years in business serving the people of Lubbock and Northwest Texas, we have built up a long list of satisfied customers, and this is something that we are very proud of! We are committed to seeing each customer that we serve get the ideal furnace for their needs and we provide dedicated servicing and repair to keep our customer’s furnaces operating at peak efficiency.

Our customers have come to trust in the experience of our dedicated team of HVAC professionals. Our technicians are experts in heating systems and gas furnace installation and repair and we have a commitment to ongoing education so that our team members continually remain aware of the latest developments in the industry. Putting our years of experience and knowledge to use in helping our customers is what we do best.

Reasons That Your Furnace Will Turn On and Off Unnecessarily

If you are having consistent issues with your furnace turning on and then turning back off again quickly, you are experiencing a furnace issue known as short cycling. This can be a very annoying issue, particularly during the cold of winter when you are trying to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Short cycling is also a matter that needs to be taken very seriously because it can pose some serious issues. At Absolute Refrigeration, our team of experts are well equipped to identify and correct the issue of furnace short cycling.

The Dangers Of Furnace Short Cycling

The biggest problem that is presented by furnace short cycling is the fact that it places the furnace under a great deal of unnecessary stress. When a furnace continually turns on and off due to short cycling, it causes a great deal of wear and tear and issues can rapidly develop within the furnace and its working parts. The inevitable outcome of short cycling is the fact that it will eventually lead to the furnace shutting down completely.

At Absolute Refrigeration, our professional technicians are expert in identifying these issues and correcting them. This is an issue that must be taken seriously because short cycling can cause the life of a furnace to be dramatically decreased. It is an issue that should be handled by one of our trained professionals as soon as these signs develop.

The Causes Of Furnace Short Cycling

  • Dirty air filter: A dirty air filter causes a restriction of airflow getting into your furnace. This will end up causing the heat exchanger to overheat and then shut the furnace down.
  • Issues with the thermostat: A thermostat that does not work correctly will also cause a furnace to shut down prematurely due to it being unable to accurately gauge the current temperature.
  • The furnace is too large for the home where it’s installed: When the furnace in a home is too large for the home in question, this can also cause problems. A furnace that is too large for the home that it is installed into will heat the home very rapidly and then shut down. When the temperature drops again, it will start this process once more. This puts unnecessary stress on the furnace and leads to a major issue with efficiency as well as dramatically shortening the life of the furnace.

At Absolute Refrigeration, we are the furnace experts that the Lubbock community has come to trust for furnace maintenance and repair.

We know how to spot issues of furnace short cycling rapidly and correct them. Our customers also trust us to install the correct size furnace for the needs of their home so that short cycling will not be an end result. We also provide routine servicing in order to ensure that other issues do not crop up with your furnace that ends up leading to short cycling.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you out with all of your furnace needs. You can reach us at our office at (806) 368-7393 or contact us here at our website.

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